Thanks to our multi-disciplinary team of specialists, we can carry out clinical trials in the nutraceutical sector across different areas, such as:


Skin barrier integrity

Elderly welfare

Women’s well-being

Mental well-being

Cardiovascular well-being

Liver and/or kidney function

Gastro-intestinal system

Immune system

Diets adjuvants


Safety of a nutritional ingredient

We are also actively involved with our innovative methods in studies concerning the Gut Microbiome and Microbiota.

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Nutratech laboratories offer a wide range of in vitrotests dedicated to the nutraceutical sector, with the aim of investigating multiple aspects.

  • on raw materials, to ensure the health of operators in the transport, processing and production phases through the evaluation of specific end-points;
  • on the finished product, to confirm the safety of the product for human health.
  • experimental evaluation of the desired effect of a nutritional product or ingredient through the study of biological-functional parameters;
  • identification of the best formulation for the designated function;
  • determination of the accuracy and scientific support for the claim to be claimed.
  • verification of the possible influence of a product or ingredient on the metabolic mechanisms of different body districts;
  • they provide valuable support for the definition and innovation inherent in a patent application.
  • determination of theproportion ofnutrients actually accessible to the absorption processes;
  • determination of the proportion of nutrients absorbed, freed in the circulatory stream and bioavailable to carry out its function.
  • assessment of the effects of simultaneous intake nutritional and non-nutritional ingredients.

Our specialists designate ad hoc in vitro experiments to investigate the functional and/or nutritional target parameter of the study.


The chemistry laboratory carries out analyses on the safety and quality of food according to market trends and in particular to comply with regulatory requirements in the food sector.

Complete stability studies and functional ingredient titration are only some of the main activities of our laboratory, also specialized in the validation of analysis methods and validations of cleaning procedures of production plants (cleaning validation).

Our chemistry lab boasts accredited methods for the analysis of heavy metals and minerals in nutraceutical products.


The microbiology laboratory conducts stability studies to verify the absence of contamination of the developing product, challenge test according to the PhEU to evaluate the power of the preservatives of the product.
We carry out ad-hoc in use tests to simulate the dosage of the product from a microbiological stability point of view.
In our microbiology laboratory, the titration of the active substance results in an analysis of probiotics in order to objectify what has been declared.
We have the possibility to treat multiple strains and to maintain a customer’s strain list that we can use in efficacy testing.

All micro analyses are carried out according to European Pharmacopea and ISO.

Qualified staff and advanced instrumentation are the strength of Nutratech laboratories.

The Complife Group also boasts several locations and laboratories certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and for good laboratory practices.
This means that all the analyses carried out follow a precise and guaranteed process in order to be able to respond to the needs of our customers in the best way.


Nutratech was born from the need to group all professionals specialized in the nutraceutical area of the group Complife, in order to convey to our customers a precise, updated and focused advice, exactly on this target market.

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Nutratech was born as a specialized reality in the nutraceutical field, however tests and consulting are also carried out for other markets.

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